Neurotrophic keratitis is a rare degenerative corneal disease caused by an impairment of trigeminal corneal innervation, leading to a decrease or absence of corneal sensation. Here, we present a case of neurotrophic keratopathy caused by B12 deficiency in a 34 years old man who had a progressive decrease in visual acuity and corneal involvement since 3 months before being referred to our ophthalmology clinic.

Result and Discussion:

Based on our clinical findings and with the diagnosis of B12 deficiency we started B12 treatment for the patient. After 3 weeks the patient showed a dramatic response with corneal sensation reversal, an increase of visual acuity, improved neurotrophic keratopathy and significantly improved neurological findings. To the best of our knowledge, there is no report regarding vitamin B12 deficiency induced keratopathy and this is the first report that describes this aspect of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Keywords: Keratopathy, Deficiency, Vitamin, Neurotrophic, Vitamin B12, Corneal Sensation.
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