Retinal Self Examination “Selfies” During a Pandemic

The Open Ophthalmology Journal 10 Nov 2021 LETTER DOI: 10.2174/1874364102115010206


The advancement of smartphone camera technology allowing a smaller, high-resolution forward-facing camera on a smartphone allows a user to see the image they are about to capture of themselves at arm’s length, therefore taking a ‘selfie’ image of themselves. The idea of a ‘selfie’ in a clinical setting is novel, but the exploration of this as a concept has been made necessary as COVID-19 infection and transmission risk is based on the proximity, that is, a susceptible person coming near to the person, who is infected. This report discusses an innovative smartphone-based device, oDocs nun IR, a retinal imaging device, as a tool for taking selfie retinal images/videos by patients, that could be later analyzed by the specialists/optometrists over the teleophthalmology portal.

Keywords: COVID-19, Fundus, Photo, Ophthalmology, Selfie, oDocs.
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