Comparison of Clinical Results, Contrast Sensitivity and Optical Quality Following the Implantation of CT LUCIA 611P and TECNIS-1 ZCB00 MonofocalIOLs -12 Month Outcomes

The Open Ophthalmology Journal 01 Nov 2022 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18743641-v16-e2208191



To compare the clinical performance, contrast sensitivity and optical quality, following implantation of CT LUCIA 611 P and TECNIS-1 monofocal IOLs following cataract surgery.

Design-Prospective, interventional, non-randomized comparative study.

Setting- Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Bangalore, India.


Eligible patients, undergoing phacoemulsification received implantation with CT LUCIA 611P or TECNIS-One piece (TECNIS-1) monofocal IOLs.


Hundred eyes from 100 patients were sequentially divided into CT LUCIA and TECNIS-1 groups, with 50 eyes in each group.Intra-operatively, the mean unfolding time was significantly longer (35.16 ± 10.50 sec) in the TECNIS-1, compared to the CT LUCIA group (12.93 ± 3.80 sec), p= 0.00.At 12 months, 80% (40) eyes in the CT LUCIA and 76%(38) eyes in the TECNIS-1 group had cumulative UDVA of 20/20 or better. No significant differences were found between the mean values of post-op UDVA, CDVA, contrast sensitivity (all spatial frequencies), Objective Scatter Index (OSI), and Modular Transfer Function (MTF) between both groups. A significantly higher value of internal coma and SA for the Tecnis-1 IOL group was noted (p<0.05). However, there was no significant difference between the total HOA, coma and SA for both the groups. Six eyes in the TECNIS-1 group had intra-operative adhesions of the haptics with optic / haptic, requiring additional manipulation.


At one year, both monofocal IOLs delivered comparable clinical outcomes.However, CT LUCIA 611P IOL had significantly less internal coma and SA, unfolding time and smoother IOL insertion without any issues due to poor loading.

Keywords: CT LUCIA, TECNIS-1, Monofocal, IOL, Visual performance, Optical quality.
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