This study aims to evaluate the knowledge and practice of contact lens wear (CLW) among Al-Baha University medical students.


A cross-sectional study was carried out using an online self-administered questionnaire via Google Forms. The questionnaire had three domains: sociodemographic characteristics of the participants, CLW hygiene practices, and CLW-related complications.


A total of 432 students were enrolled. Almost half of them (203,47%) were CLs wearers. Almost half of the participants, 95 (46.8%), used CL for therapeutic and 108 (53.2%) cosmetic purposes. 81 (40%) wore their CLs for a duration of (1-10 hours/day), 149 (73.4%) did not sleep while wearing their CLs, 61 (30%) shared theirs with others, 110 (54.2%) washed their hands before putting on their CLs and 90 (44.2%) replaced their CL cleaning solution regularly. Only 10 (5%) of the participants did not experience any complications related to CLW, while 108(52.6%), 102 (50%), and 97 (47.8%) experienced dry eye, tears, and foreign body sensations, respectively. Moderate satisfaction of the users was reported.


The medical students at Al-Baha University showed a high CLW ratio and used CL predominantly for cosmetic reasons; both male and female students were very aware of hygienic practices, and moderate satisfaction, with moderate complications, was reported.

Keywords: Contact lens, Prevalence, Improper use complications, Medical students, Al-Baha University, Eye glasses.
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