Trachoma is the foremost cause of wide-reaching, preventable blindness. According to the World Health Organization report, nearly 1.3 million human beings are sightless due to trachoma, whereas about eighty-four million are hurt from active trachoma. A survey revealed that the countrywide prevalence of active trachoma among children aged 1–9 years in Ethiopia was 40.1%. Limited data are present regarding the study area; therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the magnitude and factors associated with active trachoma among 1-9 years of children in the catchment population of Tora Primary Hospital, South Ethiopia.


A community-based cross-sectional study was performed on 589 children in a study place from February 15 to March 13, 2020. We used Epi data program version 3.1 and SPSS version 20 for data entry and analysis, respectively.


The overall occurrence of active trachoma in the catchment was 29.4% [CI=25.7, 33.12]. Of these cases, the trachomatous follicle (TF) 90.9%, TI (4.8%), and combination of TF/TI (4.2%) were found. Households’ educational status, frequency of face washing, knowledge about trachoma, source of water for washing purposes, and garbage disposal system were the independently associated factors of active trachoma.


In this study area, the occurrence of active trachoma was high. Hence, it needs instant attention, such as constructing a responsiveness application in the community, inspiring children and parents to try out face washing, improving knowledge about trachoma and appropriate excreta disposal.

Keywords : Active trachoma, Children, Tora primary hospital, Prevalence , Excreta disposal, Eye infection.
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