The prevention of the posterior capsule opacification is still unsolved. To interfere with proliferating cells the T-type calcium channel antagonist Mibefradil was immobilized in poly-lactic-co-glycolic-acid micro particles which were fixed at a capsular tension ring and tested in a human organ culture model as well as in human lens cells HLE-B3 in vitro. It is feasible to get a release significantly affecting cell viability and growth evaluated by MTT test and cell cycle analysis. In addition, Bionas® sensor chips were used for time-dependent adhesion experiments in living lens cells. Interestingly, the concentration of Mibefradil which inhibited subconfluent cells is not effective in confluent cells. This is an important feature for the protection of the intact tissue in the eye.

Keywords: Calcium channel antagonist Mibefradil, lens epithelial cell adhesion, PLGA micro particles, organ culture model.
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