Surgical Management of Post-Traumatic Iris Cyst

The Open Ophthalmology Journal 4 Nov 2015 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874364101509010164


Purpose :

Epithelial cysts of the iris may be primary or secondary. The management of secondary, posttraumatic iris cysts is often challenging. The purpose of this work is to report the successful surgical management of a post-traumatic iris cyst.

Case Report:

A 38 year-old man presented with an iris cyst associated with epithelial downgrowth and total cataract, six years after sustaining a penetrating injury to his right eye. The iris cyst was excised in toto with the epithelial downgrowth, and the procedure was combined with cataract extraction and intra ocular lens implantation. The patient had good post-operative visual recovery with minimal inflammatory reaction.


Post-traumatic cysts of the iris can be associated with significant ocular morbidity. Many different modalities of treatment, with varying degrees of success, have been described for the treatment of iris cysts. Excision of the iris cyst in toto is a good surgical management option, which can result in an excellent functional outcome with minimal inflammatory complications.

Keywords: Cataract surgery, iris cyst, management, post-traumatic, surgery.
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