A new 1-day disposable soft contact lens (SCL), verofilcon-A, constructed of silicone hydrogel material, has recently become available in Japan. This SCL has a very smooth surface produced by using the SMARTSURFACE ® Technology, and it was expected that pollen particles and protein components would not adhere easily to its surface. We examined the degree of pollen adhesion to the surface of the verofilcon-A material SCL and compared the results with those of other 1-day disposable SCLs (1DSCL).


To determine the number of pollen grains attached to the surface of different types of SCLs, 0.01 mg/ml of cedar pollen solution was dropped onto the surface of 13 types of 1DSCL. After 24 h, each 1DSCL was rinsed in a shaker and washed five times with saline (n = 10 for each 1DSCL type). The number of pollen particles adhered to the 1DSCL and the percentage of surface area occupied by pollen was determined.


The number of pollen particles on the 1DSCLs ranged from 0 to 185 in the 200 × 200 µm area. The number of particles was lowest in the delefilcon-A and verofilcon-A SCLs with 0 particles, and the number was higher in the other 11 1DSCLs. The number of pollen particles was negatively correlated with the water content (r = −0.48), oxygen permeability (Dk; r = −0.43), oxygen transmissibility (r = −0.42), and center thickness (r = −0.33) of the 1DSCLs. The pollen adhesion area ranged from 0.0% to 3.1% and was lowest in the delefilcon-A and verofilcon-A 1DSCLs. There were significant differences in the pollen adhesion area between colored 1DSCLs (2.73 ± 1.97%) and clear 1DSCLs (1.03 ± 1.01%, P<0.001) and between hydroxyethyl methacrylate-based 1DSCLs (1.84 ± 1.45%) and silicone hydrogel-based 1DSCLs (0.05 ± 0.16%, P<0.001).


These findings indicate that the verofilcon-A 1DSCL processed with SMARTSURFACE™ Technology is an excellent option for SCL users with allergic conjunctivitis during the high pollen season.

Keywords: Daily soft contact lens, Pollen, Silicone hydrogel, Verofilcon-A, Allergens, Conjunctivitis.
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